President's Message

NSBP 50: The Roadmap to Renewal 

Rcwrd34 squareIn the aftermath of the NSBP 2011 Financial Crisis (hereinafter referred to as “The Big Bang”), our organization has implemented a strategy to overcome this major setback and re-establish the reputation of the organization. By focusing on the NSBP purpose, which aims to promote the professional well-being of African American physicists and physics students within the international scientific community and within society at large, the current NSBP Executive Board is committed to continuing to recover, stabilize and rebuild the NSBP organizational infrastructure as we approach our half century anniversary in 2027.

One of our primary goals is to actively expand partnerships and collaborate with other sister organizations on a continuous cycle in an effort to build relationships and resources that will mutually benefit our members. These partnerships will advance our opportunities for providing expert professional development and consultation that profits underrepresented academic and research institutions, specifically historically black colleges and universities.  The alliances will lead to NSBP involvement in more workshops, meetings, and conferences with these organizations and will ensure the diversity and inclusion of minorities in new physics research and opportunities.   They will open a door to a greater magnitude of opportunities otherwise not afforded to our members at their host facilities or institutions. Our partnerships will be the driving forces in implementing a forward-thinking plan and strategy for future contingency and stability.  Moving forward, one of the major focuses for NSBP will be to get ahead of the planning process for future conferences, programs, and workshops, which is critical to establishing trust with partners and the overall success of the organization.

As we put the “Big Bang” in our rear-view, NSBP will not waver in our efforts to establish our rightful place in the science community as viable and reliable organization filled with leaders serving our peer organizations. By year 2027, the foundation of our road to success will be complete and the highway to endless opportunity will be open. Along the course, NSBP will continue to be a strong advocate for open, engaging and relational two-way involvement for inclusion and diversity, not only on behalf of the physics community but also among the general public. NSBP will continue to be a sounding board for this vital movement and keep the dialogue open with our members, our collaborators, our partners, and all potential associates about the importance of equality in the physics community. We intend to send a clear message to the world that will keep cultural diversity in space of science exploration, experimentation, and research.

Be blessed,
Dr. Willie Rockward