2018 NSBP Conference

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The National Society of Black Physicists is pleased to announce the 2018 Annual Conference with the theme “Scientific Passion and Progress - Meeting The Challenge.” The conference is to be held at the Renaissance Columbus Downtown Hotel, Sunday, November 4 - Wednesday, November 7, 2018.

Conference Announcements

  • Social Media

    Social Media

    Follow NSBP on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn!! Post about the conference with the hashtag #NSBP2018!
  • Poster Breakdown

    Poster Breakdown

    All Poster Presenters

    Please put up your posters between 9:00 and 10:00 pm the day before your poster presentation and take your posters down between 9:00 and 10:00 pm the day you present your posters. For the schedule of posters, please click the poster sessions link.
  • Breakfast Announcements

    Breakfast Announcements

    Breakfast will be served from 7-8 am on Monday and Tuesday and at 9am on Wednesday on the 2nd floor in the Pre-function Area.
  • Parking Passes

    Parking Passes

    For students not staying at the hotel and require daily parking passes please see Sheryl Brannon or Christina Sledge at the registration counter.
  • Final Day Checkout

    Final Day Checkout

    The Renaissance has extended checkout times until 4pm to allow students additional time to attend the final events on Wednesday, November 7th. Please do not checkout and bring your bags downstairs to be stored.

Monday Schedule

Monday Schedule

Tuesday Schedule

Tuesday Schedule

Wednesday Schedule

Wednesday Schedule

  • Expo DSC 0146
  • Expo DSC 0142
  • Stage DSC 0066
  • Class DSC 0018
  • Expo DSC 0161
  • Conference iSTEM
  • Dr. Rockward & Dr. Gates
  • Conference
  • NSBP at Morehouse
  • Stage DSC 0243
  • Stage DSC 0258
  • Expo DSC 0182
  • Stage DSC 0275
  • BOA DSC 0015
  • Stage DSC 0286
  • BOA DSC 0068 1
  • Conference Group
  • Expo DSC 0075
  • Stage DSC 0194
  • Class DSC 0173
  • USC DSC 0129
  • Expo DSC 0214

The Annual Conference brings together a broad range of experts in multiple fields of physics (astrophysics, biophysics, condensed matter and materials, high energy physics, optics and photonics, and more). NSBP conference is the largest academic meeting of minority physicists in the United States. It is co-organized in partnership with Associated Universities, Inc. and co-sponsored by the National Science Foundation.