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Joseph B. Bennis1,2, Richard T. Simpkins1, Jason R.Sebring2, Alabama Institute of Technology1, Blackwell Physics Laboratory2

Contact Author:    Jason R. Sebring,
Photonics and Optics Division, Blackwell Physics Laboratory, 1 Root Mean Square, Birmingham, AL  35294,  sebring@blackwell-physics.net                                                         


Optical sensors in the IR range can be used to detect physiological states amongst air travelers as they transit through security. “Temperature readings” of the human face can be correlated with infections, e.g., influenza and SARS, and with various states of mind.  Such sensors coupled with fast heuristic processors and trained operators can add an extra layer of safety in air travel and in other security sensitive applications. 

Scientific Section: Photonics and Optics
:42.62.Be, 42.30.-d





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