Student Travel Support

Travel support is available to undergraduate and graduate schools enrolled in a physics or astronomy degree program.   Student travel and lodging arranged outside of the NSBP travel system will normally not be reimbursed. 

Travel support generally includes air travel to and from the conference city, lodging and meals at the conference.  Travel support will not include local ground transportation.  All supported students must pay the conference registration fee.

There are several steps that each student must complete before a travel award can be made.  After NSBP confirms completion of these steps a travel authorization message with further instructions will be sent via email.  Please make sure that we have a good email address and that it is one that you check frequently. 

  1. Complete the on-line registration form and remit the registration fee. (Students must be officially registered for the conference. We do offer a group registration rate for departments that want to support 5 or more of their students.)

  2. Submit either by email or fax the Student Travel Request Form. Saturday night stay is required. Please email or fax to or fax: 301-952-1352.

  3. Submit either by email or fax the Application and Agreement for Travel Support Form.  This form outlines the expectation for student conduct during the conference. Please email or fax to or fax: 301-952-1352.

  4. Submit either by email or fax the Student Advisor/Department Chair Recommendation FormA faculty advisor or the physics/astronomy department chair must sign this form.  For student group registrations one form must be submitted for each student in the group. Please email or fax to or fax: 301-952-1352.

  5. Submit a resume as an MSWord attachment emailed to   Be sure to put your name in the subject line of the email.  DO NOT send your resume to Ms Brannon.   Consider using this standard resume format.

  6. Register to become an NSBP site user at  (We recommend that you also become an NSBP member,

  7. After registering to become a site user (or becoming an NSBP) member, complete an online resume form at

  8. Register as a protege at MentorNet (

After we confirm that all these steps are completed,  a travel authorization link will
be sent to the email address we have on file.  At that time you will be able to complete a travel itinerary.  Do not expect a confirmed travel bookings before February 1, 2010.

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