National Society of Black Physicists

Find a Mentor...Be A Mentor

NSBP has become an Affiliated Partner Plus of MentorNet.  

This means that NSBP student and young professional members can get a “one-on-one” e-mentor via MentorNet.  NSBP seeks physicists working in academia, national labs, industry and government to mentor our student and young professional members.  This mentoring program is a chance for you to make a big difference in the life of a student or young professional, and to perhaps develop a candidate for opportunities in your organization; all in as little as 10 minutes a week.  For students this is a chance to extend your career network and get a new source of advice, 

Under this program tenured faculty members can mentor graduate students, postdocs and untenured faculty.  Untenured faculty as well as industry and government professionals can mentor postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students.  Postdocs can mentor graduate and undergraduate students.

MentorNet’s research-based programs have proven effective by providing real world information, encouragement, advice, and access to networks for students, and particularly for those underrepresented in engineering and science fields. 
Hundreds of NSBP student members are already looking for a mentor.  Signing up is easy.


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