National Society of Black Physicists

NSBP Forum Rules of Conduct

The National Society of Black Physicists provides these discussion forums for the purposes of free exchange of information that will be useful to our members and the general public on physics careers. To maintain the integrity of our site, and to provide a comfortable environment for people to communicate, we ask that you please follow our Rules of Conduct when posting on this site.

  1. Your registration must reflect your true identity. You must not represent yourself as someone else. Such behavior may be in violation of federal and state laws in addition a violation of these Rules of Conduct.
  1. You will not use any foul or hostile language. This includes any derogatory statements, profanity, obscenity, or obvious indecency. While there is room for spirited debate on the NSBP forums, direct or indirect personal attacks, harassments, insults or derisive postings are not permitted. By participating in NSBP Forums you agree to not post any materials that can be describe in the following ways:

                               i.            chain letters, spam, junk mail

                               ii.            violates the privacy of any person

                              iii.            libelous

                              iv.            pornographic or indecent

                               v.            intrinsically unlawful or illegally obtained

                              vi.            contains viruses, malicious code, files or programs designed to alter                                                 or destroy the normal functioning of the NSBP Forums on any area of the NSBP website.

                            vii.            violates the patents, trademarks, trade secrets, copyrights or other                                                   proprietary rights of any other party

  1. While the forum topics have been chosen by NSBP, you are free to start a new thread via the subject line in your posting. New threads should at least be related to the main topic of the forum. Any off-topic threads will be deleted or moved to an appropriate forum at NSBP’s discretion.
  1. Advertising for commercial ventures of any kind will not permitted in any forum. Posting links to websites for science-related events will be permitted on a case-by-case basis. Postings of jobs or other opportunities that would otherwise be appropriate for the NSBP Jobs Board will be removed immediately. Violators of this rule risk having their accounts deleted.

NSBP routinely monitors each forum, but we do not pre-screen postings. Besides our routine monitoring we depend on participants reporting suspected violations of these Rules of Conduct. Any content may be removed from a NSBP Forum, and any action will be taken against a participant, at NSBP’s sole discretion. 

You agree to hold NSBP harmless from any losses, liabilities or offenses arising from the accuracy (or lack thereof), reliability (or lack thereof), unsuitability, or breaches from these Rules of Conduct of any posted content on any NSBP Forum. 

In the usual case information in any given posting represents the personal opinions of the individual making the posting. However by making any posting to any NSBP Forum, you represent and warrant to NSBP that you have all the necessary ownerships and permissions to transmit the information that you posted. In turn you grant to NSBP global, perpetual, irrevocable, nonexclusive, fully licensable, and royalty-free rights and permissions to display and use the information, including any adaptations, derivatives, summaries, or modifications as we may make, in any NSBP communication, including websites, brochures, reports, proposals, audio or video productions, and any other media currently known or developed in the future.

NSBP reserves the exclusive right to alter these Rules of Conduct without notice. Should the judgment of any court having competent jurisdiction invalidate any provision of these Rules of Conduct the remaining provisions shall remain in full force and effect until such time as NSBP changes them. Invalidation of these Rules of Conduction by any court having competent jurisdiction shall on extend as far as the court orders and for the specific case as the judgment and controlling law covers.

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