National Society of Black Physicists

Advertising Rate Card

National Society of Black Physicists

2008-2009 Advertising Rate Card

Conference Program Book
Material Due Date
January 15
Payment Due Date
March 15

Full Color

1 full page
1/2 page
1/4 page
Back Cover, Outside
Back Cover, Inside

Front Cover, Inside
First Page
Last Page
Custom/Premium Placement

B&W (Inside Only)

1 full page
1/2 page
1/4 page

Online Advertising



Navigation Link
Hosted Page
Banner Ads

Mechanical Specifications


Quark or PDF

Desktop Elements/Fonts:
Must include high resolution of 300 dpi or higher of all pictures, logos, and illustrations. Must include all screen and printers fonts.

Please provide 1/8" bleed area beyond crop marks on all full color ads with bleed.

Full page - 8.5" x 11"
Half page - 7.5" x 4.5"
Quarter page - 3.5" x 4.5"

Online Ads

Three image sizes are available, regular banner ads, feature size, and thumbnails. Regular banner ads on the NSBP Career Services page can be 410 pixels wide and 205 pixels high. Feature images should be no wider than 190 pixels wide and no more than 205 pixels high. Thumbnail images should be no wider than 100 pixels and no more than 75 pixels tall. File size should not be the problem with these formats and dimensions.
All images can be jpg (photographs) or gif (line drawing) or png (either). Resolution for our website is 72 dpi. File size should not be the problem with these formats and dimensions.

NSBP Advertising Policies

All advertising is subject to approval.  NSBP reserves the right to reject any advertising for cause. Advertisers and their agencies assume liability for all content of advertisements printed and/or posted and assume responsibility for any claims that may arise based upon the content, opportunities or products presented in the advertisements.

All submissions should be on a Mac/PC Format CD/DVD-ROM, sent by post or express mail to our office. We cannot take printed add materials by email.  Submitted materials should include all the fonts, images, as well as a printed proof of the ad. Materials and payments are due in the offices of NSBP, 1100 N Glebe Road, Arlington, VA 22201, by 5:00pm local time on the dates listed above.

By sending ad materials to our offices, advertisers agree to make due diligence to process disbursements to NSBP by the payment due date. Cancellations will not be accepted after materials are received in our offices.

Additional Information
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